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"I had no idea what to expect from therapy, but I was at an impasse in my life and knew I needed help.  After meeting Heather, I quickly began to see positive changes in the way I was coping with the major issues in my life.  Heather offered new tools, perspective, and encouragement that helped me find the courage to make the changes in my life I needed to make in order to be happier and healthier.  Looking back on the past year, I'm amazed at how much has changed for the better.  I am out of the hopeless corner I felt so trapped in and moving forward with my life now - taking small steps but making huge strides every day."  ---- R.F. 
"I was a typical guy who was raised according to those typical stigmas we all associate ourselves with. I knew I needed to change, grow, and learn about myself and those around me, but I didn't know where to start. With Heather, I have been able to understand and work through many life changing events that I have experienced. Her professionalism, expertise, diverse background, and techniques as a therapist have certainly made me feel more self-confident and connected with my emotions/feelings. If this is your first time seeking help (like it was mine), or you're not experiencing the results you thought you might, without a doubt you should start here with Heather."  ---- B.S
"Heather is awesome! Can't express this enough. She helped me get through a rough point in my life and now I'm on my feet in a better job and with a better personal life."  ---- W.M.

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