Individual psychotherapy

We support people in their desire to overcome their past and live fully in the present. Individual therapy provides a place to process life’s struggles in a way that suits you best.

Mental health is much like physical fitness.  You can't go to the gym once a week and get that six-pack or be able to lift your body weight.  You have to practice!  Just talking won't make your problems change or go away.  You have control over how you think about and respond to your environment, but old habits die hard. The good news is, through commitment to change and daily practice, you can build new pathways in your brain, so that your instinct is to respond in a healthy way instead of your old, unhelpful ways.  

We use a variety of approaches to help people learn how to transform the way you respond to daily stressors in a mindful and regulated way.  We'll identify your triggers, name your emotions and negative thoughts, and discover where you hold them in your body.  Then we'll work to determine which skills and tools might work best for you to overcome your barriers to wellness and move forward on your path to recovery.