Ellie Adelman, LSW

Ellie can accept Self-Pay Clients only at the rate of $75 for 60 minutes and $60 for 45 minutes

Ellie is supervised by Heather Huffman, LCSW

My therapy philosophy is that “people make sense”. Everyone who walks through my door has a story that led them to where they are. I’m here to help you make sense of the past, take control of the present, and set goals for the future. I take a collaborative approach to therapy, meaning we work as a team from day one. I can’t do what I do without your experience and your work. At the end of the day, your recovery is in your hands. I am here to support that process.

I specialize in trauma therapy, including EMDR, managing depression and anxiety, suicidal thinking, grief and loss, and adjustment to major life changes. I have experience working with adults, adolescents, and children, as well as whole families. I have worked extensively with immigrant and refugee clients, LGB and trans clients, veterans, and clients with autism spectrum disorder.


Treatment Areas of Expertise

Individual Counseling

Group Therapy

 Trauma recovery



Domestic violence counseling

Managing suicidal thinking

Adjustment to major life changes

Finding meaning in work and relationships

Family conflict

LGBT counseling

Immigrant and refugee services